Cargoplot finds high quality transport for your goods, at the best price.

Our aim is to match your logistic needs with the market's best freight forwarders. Freight forwarding forms an essential part of the logistics industry but it faces challenges and limitations due to its pricing transparency and online capabilities.

Why are we better?
Cargoplot solves this by helping you find the freight forwarder best suited for your specific needs. A better match will lead to competitive pricing and a better quality of service due to niche players having superior pricing and knowledge.
Let us help
Whether you look for a partner for less container load (LCL), full container load (FCL), pallets, break bulk, containers, dangerous goods, long cargo, temperature controlled oranything else, let us help you! The freight forwarders will make sure a plane, train, boat or truck will deliver your cargo.
The future of Cargoplot
Cargoplot will continuously improve their platform: create better matches, extend the network, and further digitalize the logistics industry. We will soon include a dashboard for clients and freight forwarders which will be used to manage all communications. The dashboard will have logistic management features which will make your transport of goods more time efficient and cost effective. You will get a full grip on your logistics and save time while doing it.
Our vision

The freight forwarding industry is winning by digitalizing processes. However, finding the right agent is time consuming and difficult, the variety is vast and the online communication is limited. Suboptimal matches are often a result, leading to inefficiency and high costs. Cargoplot will take this process, automate it, and ensure everyone finds the right match in a time and cost efficient manner.

Additional added value will be created by enabling customers to manage their logistic processes in an intuitive digital system in the cloud. For freight forwarders to offer this, strong technological capabilities are needed, but these are limited in many firms. Bigger firms often have stronger technological capabilities and having advantages of scale make competing in this area hard.

The system will include communication with freight forwarding partners, delivery status, financial overviews and much more. Ultimately, it will enable anyone to set up an efficient international operation. Cargoplot will enable forwarders to build valuable customer relations at a fraction of the investment. Freight forwarders will be offered a convenient interface to optimize their customer management.