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Manage all your international logistic operations in one place.
Get the best deal on every operation; save up to 70% in time and cost.
Know where your goods are, optimize your planning.
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Provide us with the details of your required transport in a few easy steps. You can finally forget about difficult e-mails, excel files, phone calls and pdf’s.
We find the best specialist forwarder
Cargoplot chooses the best partner for your transport. The specialist on your route or for your product will always get you the best quality of service ánd rates.
Details & questions
At Cargoplot, we are always there for you. In an industry which often lacks transparency and good communication, we will do everything we can to deliver you the best of both!
Your logistics department
Organize and track your transports on Cargoplot's platform, from request to arrival of goods, and beyond. We are your logistics department!
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