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We make it simple.

Looking for a freight forwarder, but have no
idea which one has got the best solution
for your logistics operation? Or which one has
the best track record?

Don't worry. Cargoplot has got you covered!

Simply book in a meeting with us to discuss your shipping needs.

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The best freight forwarder. Always.

We get that as an entrepreneur, you want to minimise logistics costs as much as possible. Having your goods shipped for the best price and with the fastest transportation, is not as easy as you would like. Cargoplot enables you to find the best freight forwarder for your transport needs with our logistics platform.

Tell us what you need

You can finally forget about endless emailing, Excel files, phone calls and PDF’s. Just simply provide us with the details of your transport in a few easy steps.

We find the freight forwarder

Cargoplot matches you with the best partner for your transport, with the sharpest pricing. Want to switch between forwarders? Everything is possible with Cargoplot.

Your logistics department

Organize, adjust, and track your transports on our platform. From request, to arrival of goods, and beyond. We are here for all your questions.